Executive Team

Founded in 1999 as a family operated real estate management firm, Quest has evolved into a fully integrated, multifaceted organization with a portfolio valued at just under $1B. With steady and strategic growth of its portfolio and management infrastructure, Quest currently owns and manages over 6,000 units and is recognized as a leader in the Mid-Atlantic multi-family market. Quest's relationship with its investment partners is based on a shared desire to achieve long-term, stable cash flow and a strong alignment of interests. With intimate knowledge of the market and a lean, flexible investment team, Quest has executed transactions in excess of $300M.

In 2021, we expanded our family owned company by adding Ivana Christman and Steve Rosenbaum as full equity partners. Their keen, long-standing dedication to the multi-family industry as well as resilience to the ever-changing market, has allowed our company to remain nimble and continue to be recognized as a leader within the industry.


Jason Reitberger

Managing Principal

Jason Reitberger is one of the original co-founders of Quest Management Group, LLC, which was assembled in 1999. Jason is responsible for directing Quest's investment activity consisting of the identification, evaluation and consummation of all new investments with a particular concentration in the Mid-Atlantic region. Prior to founding Quest Management Group, LLC and Quest Holdings, LLC, Mr. Reitberger was affiliated with TriStar Management, Inc. and it's related companies. Mr. Reitberger serves on the board of directors of several local and national organizations and is particularly active in the Baltimore Jewish community.


Jacob Blumenfeld

Managing Principal

Jacob Blumenfeld is one of the original co-founders of Quest Management Group, LLC, which was assembled in 1999. Prior to founding Quest, Jacob worked with TriStar Properties, diligently gaining industry knowledge from Tri-Star's portfolio of over $1 billion in assets including more than 5,000,000 square feet of commercial space located throughout the United States. Jacob continued to draw on TriStar's extensive experience in creating value and profits in the real estate industry.


Eric Reitberger

Managing Principal

Eric Reitberger joined Quest in 2002 as a property manager but set his sights in a different direction early on. In 2003, Eric took over majority of the financial responsibilities of the growing company, becoming a full partner and Chief Financial Officer in 2005. When Eric was CFO he would oversee the maturing of the financial reporting process while keeping an eye on supporting the operations team by ensuring efficient flow of pertinent information. Eric partners with the President on the diligence process, from scouting prospective acquisitions, to financial underwriting and analysis, through to the securing of debt and equity. As Quest continues to grow its portfolio, Eric is committed to solidifying the financial office to meet this growing need.


Ivana Christman

Managing Principal President

Ivana Christman was the active President prior to becoming an ownership partner of Quest in 2021. Ivana has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University, a Master of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University and holds her CAM certification. Ivana began her career in property management in 2005 and has since worked within various onsite and executive roles within a multitude of markets prior to joining Quest in 2013. Ivana works as a national industry speaker, is on education advisory boards for the NAA and recently became a published author with her fiction thriller, Under The Elm. At Quest, Ivana oversees daily operations regarding marketing, sales, budgeting, contractual negotiations, human resources, finance, investment, and project planning. In addition, she oversees acquisition and disposition underwriting and execution. She works directly with the fellow Managing Principals on the long-term development and implementation of the company's future within property management.


Steve Rosenbaum

Managing Principal Chief Asset Management Officer

Steve Rosenbaum was the prior Director of Asset Management of Quest Management Group, LLC and became Chief Asset Management Officer in Q4 2021. Steve is responsible for capital improvement projects and long-term strategy planning across all Quest properties to maximize operational performance and value, while managing vendor relationships. Steve is an integral part of the preservation of all assets while keeping compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines. Prior to joining Quest Steve held multiple roles in asset management, procurement, and resource planning.


As operational demands are presented, this team works to maximize efficiency through seeking the most advantageous products, training, practices and structure. Extensive research, networking and acclimation is required in order to stay in tune with industry and resident demands as they continuously evolve.


Crystal Scholz

VP of Property Management

Crystal Scholz is the VP of Property Management at Quest Management Group, LLC. Mrs. Scholz has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Towson University. She began her career in property management in 2007 and has since worked within various onsite roles within a multitude of markets prior to joining Quest in 2013. Crystal has extensive experience in all facets of operations and approaches all tasks with a tremendous sense of urgency. At Quest, Mrs. Scholz oversees daily operations with regard to marketing, sales, and financial management. She plays an integral part with the on-site team to maximize operational performance, maintain strong customer service and increase revenue within her portfolio.


Kubie Edelen-Davis

Regional Director of Property Management

Kubie Edelen-Davis joined Quest Management Group as a Regional Manager in December 2018. Mrs. Edelen-Davis has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Policy and Reform from California State University, San Bernardino. She has over 15 years of experience in property management and prior to joining Quest she was responsible for the overall business operation and financial management of 2,900 multifamily, commercial & retail units throughout the DC Metropolitan and Baltimore area.

At Quest, Mrs. Edelen-Davis oversees daily operations with regard to marketing, sales, financial management, human resources, project planning and capital improvements. She plays an integral part with the on-site team to maximize operational performance, maintain exceptional customer service and increase revenue within her portfolio.


Diana Pollard

Human Resource Manager

Diana Pollard started in the Property Management Industry over 30 years ago. Before joining Quest Management Group, Diana managed multiple properties for Tristar Management Company. She joined the Quest Management Group team as a Community Manager in 2004. During her years with Quest Management Group, Diana supervised basic operations for multiple communities. In 2016, Diana transitioned into our corporate office as the Manager of our new Human Resources Department. Diana plays an integral part in our company's achievement and has been an asset to the company's growth and success since the day she joined the team.


Carrie Tyson

Education and Recruiting Manager

Carrie Tyson is an Education and Recruiting Manager at Quest Management Group, LLC. Mrs. Tyson began her property management career in January of 2010 and has carried several onsite roles within various markets prior to joining Quest in May of 2019. Carrie has diverse training, experience, and knowledge in many facets of property management including leasing, resident services, asset and team management, training, event planning, daily operations, and project management.


Our asset management piece is simple: to never compromise the integrity of our buildings or communities. The asset preservation is a key piece to our overall operations, so we spend an exponential amount of time assessing community condition and planning for immediate and long term capital planning.


Latoya Bell

Captial Projects Admininstrator

Latoya Bell began her college career at Howard University in Washington, D.C, where she studied political science and communications law. Ms. Hawkins completed her studies at University of Maryland College Park where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice. In addition, Ms. Hawkins also has her Masters of Business Administration with a focus in management and human resources from Strayer University.

She began her career in property management in 2001 and left the industry to pursue a career in the real estate industry. In 2011 she returned to property management as a leasing agent and quickly advanced to the level of property manager after only 1 year. Since joining Quest in 2017 Latoya has been an on-site Assistant Community Manager and was promoted to Jr. Community Manager. Beginning in 2018 as the new Capital Projects Assistant, Latoya works directly with the Director of Asset Management assisting in all aspects of capital projects, planning, bidding, contract writing as well as establishing and maintaining business relationships with vendors.


Aryeh Pleeter

Asset Manager

Aryeh Pleeter joined Quest Management Group as Renovations manager in September 2019. Mr. Pleeter has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Talmudic law from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He has 3 years of experience as a project manager in the multifamily industry, and prior to joining Quest was responsible for all capital expenditures of a 1,600-unit portfolio in the Baltimore-DC area. At Quest, Mr. Pleeter oversees daily operations regarding renovations and works as an assistant to the Director of Asset Management.


As the stewards of company funds, Accounting plays an active role in cost saving and cash management, as well as investor relations. There is a strong emphasis on analysis, accountability and transparency. Accounting views its role as a partner with the operations, working to maximize control and enhance efficiency throughout operations.


Quest Management is founded and operates on three core values: Innovation, Integrity and Inspiration.

INNOVATION means that we cultivate a customer centric culture, utilizing technology and the latest techniques to service and maintain our properties in style. We are at the leading edge of property management with a commitment to both our residents and employees. Our maintenance, leasing, retention activities, and customer service utilize innovative products, software, and techniques that rival even the largest property management companies in our industry. At the same time, we retain our small company attention to the individual and inclusiveness. We are passionate about our direction and our brand, and we are committed to remaining an innovative and strong player in the multifamily market.

Our INTEGRITY is something we are truly proud of. Quest employees are never simply a body who fill a position. At Quest we demand a high level of integrity regardless of position or title. When you join Quest, you become part of the Quest family. We view each of our employees as an ambassador of the company who showcase our core principles in all that they do. Without each employee, we could not do what we do every day.

We are able to be the company we are because we are INSPIRED by the people who run our organization. They demand excellence, and nurture growth. With a deep understanding and passion for the industry Quest leadership inspires the staff. That message comes through clearly to every employee at Quest, and that in turn inspires them to give their all and be their best.

The Quest family lives it's values every day. We strive to provide opportunities for our team and an environment where people are satisfied with their jobs, day-in and day-out. We are committed to providing an excellent product in the market and putting our residents first. Our company was founded and continues to thrive on these basic values. We consistently strive to make these values part of our everyday life.

Being innovative, maintaining the highest levels of integrity and staying inspired is a formula for success. Our residents are happier, our employees are satisfied, and company is healthy. We are proud of what we have created at Quest, and we look forward to continued growth as a company and as a family.